Things You Need To Know About Orthodontics

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Things You Need To Know About Orthodontics

Your teeth are one of the most important part of your body that needs to be really taken care of. It is highly sensitive due to its function that it is the one who receive and partake your different food choices. Your teeth can never say no and they just have to accept whatever you have to offer, that is why checking your teeth at dentist Twickenham is necessary in order to know the status of your teeth condition.

Now what is orthodontics? It is in the dentistry are where it deals with the maintenance of your teeth by straightening them and keeping them healthy. If crooked, removable brace or technically it is referred as an appliance are used in order to fix it. Majority of the patients are children because this is the stage wherein their teeth are in a critical situation dealing with the different changes. Although there are a lot of patients who are adults because of the new advancements in material and techniques. Here are some of the things you need to know about the art of Orthodontics.

Number One: What do Orthodontics really do?

The main reason why Orthodontist exists because of the fact that they are the only professions that can and is able to treat malocclusion or in other words, “bad bite.” Orthodontists will help straighten your teeth and will aid you in improving your bite through correcting all of your teeth and place it on the right area.

Number Two: What do Orthodontics use?

They use specific appliances that are made especially for their use. Appliances such as headgear wherein they attach it to your neck or head in order to add force and help your teeth move. Other things that they usually use are braces and aligners also called the tray. But usually, braces are the most common appliance that is applied to patients.

 Number Three: When can one become an orthodontists?

Orthodontics is not an easy profession. You must be able to study this for several years. To become and orthodontist, you must be able to complete four (4) years of dental school and continue two to three years of study specializing orthodontics.

Number Four: Why should one see an Orthodontist?

Crowded teeth, as well as underbites or overbites, can always lead to tooth decay, tooth loss and worst gum disease. That is because crooked teeth can be really tough to fix and clean. Additionally, a bad bite can really cause serious problem in talking and most especially when chewing. This is the only way to fix these problems, to see an orthodontist.

Number Five: What is the difference between a dentist and Orthodontist?

A family doctor is somewhat related to your dentist. But what does a dentist do and Orthodontist do? A dentist can clean teeth, fix cavities and does the general oral health. While on the other hand, an Orthodontist is a specialist with two to three years of getting an additional education for this specialization. They are also an expert in teeth straightening and will definitely help you in choosing the right treatment that fits and best for you.

In order for one to be considered healthy, eating the right kind of food does not only define it but also your teeth will define if you are living in a healthy lifestyle or not. Also, it is always best to have your teeth checked at orthodontist Twickenham for information about your teeth’s condition.

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